Individual Solutions

Projecting a powerful personal image is the dream of every person. With different tools and consulting process we would provide you customised solutions, to get the desired impact on those around you and make a positive first impression. Make the Power of your personal appearance work for you!

  • Lifestyle clinic:- In this clinic consultant will thoroughly analyze your lifestyle, your roles and goles to know you better and help you to create your authentic image. Along with analysis result you will be given recommendations about what suits you best. This will form the base for your consultation process. 
  • Personal style Clinic:- Here Consultant will analyze your personal style from your clothing preferences, your personality traits, values, interests, and lifestyle. With this analysis ,we would help you to project your preferred characteristic of element of design on continuum chart. Thus personal style clinic will give you a clue of your yin and yang traits.
  • Personal Colour Clinic:- You can wear any colour if you wear it in combination of your personal colours. What are personal colours? How we can utilize them? All your questions would be answered here. This clinic will help you know your personal colours and how to use other colour schemes in harmony with it as per your role, goal and age factor.
  • Fabulous fit & Fashion clinic: – Everybody is unique with some or the other figure variations. In this clinic we would guide you to recognize your body variations, how to dress or alter to minimize it. No matter what the fashion trends are, you can select and wear those garments that flatter your body and look beautiful.
  • Clustering and Wardrobe Clinic :- Clothes are the weak or plus point for many of us. Deciding what to wear each day is a big challenge and always feel like we are short of clothes.However this clinic will break the overwhelming task of wardrobing into more manageable group and save your time & money. This strategy will give you a more consistent personal style and simplify your life.
  • Makeover Clinic:- Everyone wants to look and feel beautiful, But how? This clinic will empower you to present yourself the best with simple and basic makeup techniques, personal grooming tips. Makeovers are the great way to cheer you up and break the monotonous image to make yourself feel better. As someone has rightly said “The first impression of a thing sets up it’s subsequent beliefs”.
  • Smart shopping: – Doing smart shopping is the need these days. Why we need it? What are their benefits? With multiple available options and variety, shopping and choosing a wise piece has become a tedious task. To make it easier we will accompany you to make the best choice of garments and accessories to match your wardrobe requirement and save your time, money and avoid accumulation of wardrobe orphans.