Academic solutions

Academic solutions: Your academic achievement provides you the platform while life-skills empower you to perform on that platform. Life skills are the value skills that motivates you at every step of your life be it personal or professional. We at Ampersona make you corporate ready to walk with the image you want to project and grab the opportunity of your life.

  • Learn the kinesics (Body language):- Why we need it? Because whatever people say is not necessarily what they meant or felt. We can get others to do what we want by reading their real feelings and responding appropriately to their needs. Armed with this skill we could make success of almost any business venture. The ability to read and decode the body language is the best qualification for a successful career.
  • Stress and Time management:– Its well said by somebody that “ Just a little effort goes a long way” So is the case while managing yourself, a little effort today will make you run a long way in your future in more organised manner. The best way to reduce our stress is manage yourself which eventually results in time management. Lets learn this art together!
  • Communication skills:- Be it your home or business one essential ingredient for success and happiness is “ communication”. This art of dealing with people gives you the way to increase your earnings simply by increasing your word power. So what are we waiting for, Skill yourself with this amazing technique for success and growth.
  • Leadership skill:- When someone say he/she is a natural leader then it’s a myth. The quality of leadership is an art and science that you can learn. Once you understand these principles, traits of skill and practice them you will be able to implement them successfully. “A leader is a person who has the ability to get others do “willingly” what the leader desires to be done”.
  • Interviewing skills:- To prepare for a job interview and impress potential employers we need to consider everything that goes into an interview be it your answers, non-verbal communication or how you are dressed. So if you want to ace next job interview learn those skills that make you standout.
  • Goal setting:- “People with goals succeed because they know where they are going”. Without goals and plans we are on a ship with no destination. Setting goals is an art. Let’s learn it and drive our efforts towards achieving it.
  • Let the Image speak (Power of personal appearance):- Call it “Appearance” or your “image”, it works for you round the clock. Your appearance first appeals to you and then to others. It can work for you or against you and be your major asset in achieving your goals. We can guide you to achieve your personal or professional goals by using image strategies in everyday life. Tom Hopkins once said “You are your greatest Asset” .Put your time, effort and money into training, grooming and encouraging this greatest asset.