Discover A New You!

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Discover A New You!

According to a survey, working mothers have to face more career interruptions as compared to men. Same was my experience, after sabbatical break I wanted to start back my career, however this time my priorities were changed. Now getting work-life balance was my main aim for the sake of my daughter.

“Keep your face always towards the sunshine and shadow will fall behind you”

I read this quote somewhere 3 years back and it always kept flashing in my mind. Previously I had training experience in corporate and also have worked as lecturer in renowned colleges. This was when I decided to work for myself, my family and decided to become a trainer and start my own venture. Still I remember the day when I walked into ICBI office with my 7 months daughter in my hand and a hesitation to take this major step. I had so many questions in my mind but one thing was sure a zest to do something and stand up to be an example for my daughter. In this whole journey, my husband was standing beside me, holding my hand, helping and guiding me no matter what the situation is.

In one of the introductory training I met a lady, she was in her 60’s but dint looked like one. Initially I thought she came to attend the training to enrol her grandchild. When the training commenced she was standing in-front of me as my trainer. I was shocked. After training I asked her why did she want to work at this age? She could enjoy with her family, travel around or think of religious activities. She humbly replied “My dear I could do all these things along with my work too, just you need to manage it. The satisfaction of being self-reliant is more relaxing than any other joy in this world. My children look at me with inspiration that’s called respect.” This really motivated me.

Along with kick-starting my career my purpose was to give something back to my society and fellow women in my position. There-after I started Ampersona image management as founder and chief image consultant. The word Ampersona stands for amplifying your personality Here we try to build a confident you, assist to grab your dream opportunity by projecting authentic, appropriate, affordable and attractive image through the medium of clothing, communication, body-language, etiquette.

In this journey of experience and learning, the most important fact of life that I have learned is to keep faith in yourself, give your best, never let yourself breakdown in difficult times. Life is like a roller coaster, sometimes you will be high and few times low, and that’s the fun.

         When I look back at the time I started it seemed impossible to climb this ladder, however today I can say, its not impossible it is I am possible. I want to convey the same to all women, there would be hard times, difficult decisions to make, to play different roles but never give up. Kick back whenever you can and chase your dream. Sky is a limit and if you have calibre no one can stop you. Your family is your strength, not your weakness so just inspire yourself to stand for them.


  1. very encouraging to read this experience of urs. Its so inspirational, giving boost to oneself.

    Well managed everythng keeping in mind the priorities n commitments.



    • thanks dear

  2. Very motivational will surely help me

    • thanks dear

  3. Very well articulated. Can visualise the efforts and the hard work required in all this. My best wishes to you.

  4. Really very motivational…

  5. It’s really very nice.. and very helpful for all the ladies or housewives to think and do something for them selves….. It’s very very good all the very best

  6. A matter which throws light on daily hardships of a working lady, when she is a mother at the same time. Can co-relate with this article. Very inspirational and motivational article.

  7. Thanks for an explanation, the easier, the better …

  8. Really inspiring n motivational…totally agree with you each woman should take steps for their dreams…n everyone must support them…n now i will…in more better way…thanku

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