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Inspiration & Source: #Brian Tracy.

What do you mean by manage your time? We all know the universal answer is “Managing self”.

However how many of us diligently practise it. According to Mr. Brian “If you are not good at time management, nothing is possible for you but if you are good at time management everything is possible”.

The most important skill for success in life is “Long term perspective” with clear goals and objective.Time management starts with setting goals, setting priorities, then writing steps which comes first, and finally disciplining yourself to do them.

There are scientific rules and laws that people must follow to be able to control their time. Lets go through them one by one:-

  • We all are familiar with the first rule known as “80/20 principle/Pareto Rule” which says 20% of your things you do accounts for 80% of your result.
  • Second one is 10/90 rule where you have 10 list of things to do out of which only one item is worth 90%. {Tip: Never give into temptation to clear up small things first}. Never start with small things as they keep multiplying throughout the day and with them you will never get to your major task. As the key to great success in life is “Task Completion” i.e starting and completing important tasks. Task completion is the source of energy, enthusiasm and self-esteem. If you complete a smaller task you get that feeling of happiness but when you complete the big task you get motivated along with enthusiasm to work whole day.
  • Third Principle is “ABCDE Rule” : Make the list of work for coming day/week and analyze consequences of doing and not doing these activities. Here
  • A: are the task you must do, or there will be consequences (serious like financial or boss being happy or not). If there are more then 2 tasks in A category list them as A1, A2 and so on and work on them as per priority.
  • B: Are the task that you should do (task with minor consequences) like response to a phone call, email etc. Discipline yourself never to do B task before, if you have an A task left.
  • C: Are the task that are nice to do (no consequences) like talking to friend, going on ride, having coffee. They have zero effect on your future which means of least priority.
  • D:  Task to delegate, (delegate everything possible to someone with lower value of pay then you are). For eg: If there is a job or task which is below your pay grade discipline yourself not to take it.
  • E: Tasks to Eliminate, (Only way to control your time is by stopping doing certain things). You can do this by making to do list and not to do list. Analyse activities those consume your time most and have zero effect on your life. Number one reason people fail is because they are doing things of low or no value, most of the time.
  • Fourth Rule is “Law of 3” : Here you make a list of all the activities that you have to do over a month, Then determine the three areas that account for 90% of your contribution and income to your business and rest fall in 10%. Method to find your 3 key areas is asking yourself “If you could do one thing all day long to contribute most value to your business, what it would be?” Then again ask yourself “If you could do two things all day long to contribute most to your business or career, what it would be? Later again question yourself “If you could only do 3 things all day long to contribute to your business, what would it be?

If you are not sure about your key areas ask your friends, family or colleagues for their inputs.

Focus on only those things which improve you towards those 3 tasks that take you closer to your goal like reading books, upgrading skills attending seminars etc.

So if you want to accomplish extraordinary things in life write down everything important on paper, select the best and get the job done.

“Clarity, Focus, Concentration is the key for life management”.


  1. Nice post. The last sentence “Clarity, Focus, Concentration is the key for life management” is all it describes to manage our life.

    • thanks somnath

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