Building Self-Confidence…..Becoming Popular

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Building Self-Confidence…..Becoming Popular

Would you like to become more popular and welcomed by people in your social or business circles?

When i read this line from Mr.Brian Tracy article, my instant response was yes without a single doubt. Each one of us has this secret desire to be famous and known in your own circle. He has beautifully explained this 5 step solution for building self confidence and becoming popular which you can learn from here

In these 5 steps…… five behaviors you can practice with every person to make him or her feel more important:

  1. Smile in every interaction
  2. Say “Thank you”
  3. Compliment them
  4. Give Praise and Approval often
  5. Paying attention to them.

Thanks to Brian Sir for your great inputs through your writings.

Everything in our life is linked to each other. When we are successful at work we are happy mentally which in return sets a happy mood for rest of the day or when we are stressed at home then it indirectly affects our work.

Same is the case with building confidence in yourself. As Brian Tracy said that becoming famous socially gives you self-confidence, which in turn would make you successful at personal and professional level.

To prove this i would like to share a small story about a village lady who was not great in studies or household work but famous enough in her behaviour to land her work and .

Her name was Alka. She stayed in a small village with 3 brothers and her mom. She had basic education as other village going girls did. After marriage she entered a big family where there were 4 bro-in-laws and 3 sister-in-laws, along with mother in-law. It was really hard for her to be excellent on working end as every person had a different expectations.However she was a good  tailor. Whenever someone visited there house she used to give tips in dressing and tailoring.

There was a charm in the way she used to deal with other ladies, very polite, listening keenly to them, laughing and getting involved in their conversation, giving compliments and getting along. This made her more famous, ladies requested her to start her own stitching classes and she did. Slowly she grew to heights and very popular not only in her home but also outside. Other ladies enjoyed her company.

Friends this is not “just story” but a true story and i have met this lady in person. She is just the way i have explained very charming behaviour.

Whenever i get a chance, I make a point to meet  her and learn something….surely not tailoring 🙂 but learning the art of dealing with other people.

We can learn from every person we meet, our kids or situations which give us chance to rectify our mistakes.

To keep yourself motivated…timely keep upgrading your skills.

Thanks for reading!!!

Please input your suggestions to help me learn and motivate myself. :))


  1. Very well said..

  2. Hmmm I enjoyed the article. and suggestion are too good, And I like the way you described that story. But apart from this having suggestion for you, i think there is no harm to learn tailoring as well from Ms alka… Hahahaha.

    • ohh for sure dear..:) thanks

  3. Nice thought

  4. Very truly said . I wish to hear that lady the way she deals if possible.

  5. Nce article

  6. Nice article

  7. Very nice article sadhana

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