When They Asked…WHY?

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When They Asked…WHY?

We all have gone through this question, “WHY”?.When we were kids, our parents asked “Dear, why you want this?. As a teenager we were asked”why  do you want to choose this stream?. Every work we do or task we conduct there is always a “Why”, Sometimes we feel “WHY” people bother us with their “WHY’s”.

My daughter is 4 years old.Every time i ask her to do something or eat food her first question is “WHY”. “Baby you should get up early for school.Why? to have your breakfast on time, Why? You would be fit and strong, Why?…….and so on. initially it was annoying. We started calling her “Kyunha”.Later i realised she wants to know the “PURPOSE” behind doing a particular thing. I started answering her every WHY satisfactorily. After few days i realized whatever i have answered her, she used to explain me back the same if i was doing that same task.

When we ask WHY, we are asking what is the purpose, our cause and what do we believe in?. It applies to all aspects of our life, Why we want clothes, food, shelter, security, money….etc. Yet how many of us exercise it genuinely? We seldom question ourselves for the information we take in.  Friedrich Nietzsche once said

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”

When we realize “WHY” we are here, whats the cause of doing particular thing, or Why its important, We are more clear in our thoughts, actions, and getting results.

Let me share you some of my personal experience which i think many of us have gone through.

Having Stayed in a metro, working independently, with big future aspirations i never thought that there would be a day in my life when i need to modify all my plans just because i was a girl getting married. I Always pondered why i need to do this, and always i got the same answer “Every girl has to go through this phase”. However i was never satisfied with this answer. I din’t find it logical. One day i asked my fiance “Why a girl needs to change after marriage”. He smiled and beautifully answered “My dear, when you are an Executive you have a set profile work (KRA), when you become a Manager you have more responsibilities for which you need to increase your skill set and keep upgrading for a brighter future. Similarly be it a man or women, when you get married you responsibility increases for which we need to upgrade ourselves both personally and professionally.Its the new work area which demands the attention and once we excel it, we can easily juggle around like an all-rounder.

That was very convincing, as my “WHY” was satisfactorily answered. Today we are happily married and both of us are handling responsibilities like a team.

Whenever you are going to start something or take on new roles question yourself, WHY? you want to do that, How you want to do it? Where?…This habit would help you to make better plans and give a broader perspective.




  1. Nice artice.. very well explained and interlinked the importance of WHY in ones life

  2. Xcellent !
    Introspection and questioning ‘WHY’ indeed brings in clarity of purpose.

  3. Very nice n truly said Saadhna …I think we all have gone through all this phases ..and I can exactly correlate myself to this article….well done

  4. Xcellent

  5. Very well said.
    Great arrival and so much learning.

  6. A complicated idea explained simply and beautifully. Very nice.

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