I Love Me….Want To Take Care Of Me

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I Love Me….Want To Take Care Of Me

Once you are in your 30’s you start experiencing Different changes in your body and skin. My interest in writing this article is a personal experience, which i had and wanted to share with you all.

I am in my 30’s, have lot of task on hand but hardly get time to care for self. Slowly i started experiencing sagging skin problem on face, wrinkles on hands which raised my concern bar and I decided to address them on urgent basis. Tried many home remedies, outside creams, and felt some positive effects however it lasted till i used it on regular basis. Again i kept searching whats the matter?. Later realized its not just external application but we need internal nourishment too to get the full result.

These were my findings which i would like to share with you all to try and avoid the sagging skin issue. If all used in a proper routine you would get rid of this problem.

1 Night Time Treatment : Start using a good night cream  and an eye cream . For dark circles try to use one with vitamin C, Licorice or botanicals. You will find many options in night cream few of the good ones are :-                     2 Opt for Home Remedies: If you have time try few of these home remedies to avoid sagging issue, for eg: a) Apply Whisked egg white on your face, leave it on for 20min and then rinse it off.You can try this twice a week for firm radiant skin. b) Massaging your face, neck, arms and legs with avocado, coconut, grapeseed, jojoba or almond oil.Try it once daily before going to sleep.

3 Keep Hydrated :Drink plenty of water, Juices rich in vitamin C.

4 Sound Sleep : Take a sound sleep to let your body relax and rebuilt energy.

5 Balanced Diet : Take a proper balanced diet rich in vitamins. Fruits, Leafy vegetables all contribute immensely for good health and firm skin.

6 Sunscreen :When going out use proper sunscreen with good SPF value.

7 Regular Exercise : Exercising keep your muscles strong and helps to keep your skin firm looking fresh all day.

Several factors are responsible for sagging of your skin, one of them is ageing which is natural, Another big cause is exposure to harmful sun-rays, Pollution, Use of wrong cosmetic products, Wrong diet, etc.Weight loss, especially the loss of large amount of weight over a short period of time, can cause skin to sag.

“Nourish yourself in a way that helps you blossom, because self-care is a first step to be more effective and consistent”.


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