Little Things “MATTER” Most!!

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Little Things “MATTER” Most!!

Read this small write-up in one of the books which gave me food for thought.

“Dressed for a party in an outfit I thought particularly suited me, I couldn’t resist preening before my mother for some admiration. As she gave me the once-over with an approving smile, Mom’s eyes stopped at the tip of the footwear peeking out from beneath my dress. Before she could say anything, I spoke hastily, “Yes, yes, I have to change into matching footwear.” For Mom the detail of the footwear had taken away from the rest of the get-up. No matter how you apply yourself to larger picture, no matter how hard you toil overall, ultimately it is the smaller things you ignore that let you down.

Getting into detail of all the ‘Little things’ can be irritating, but life is indeed about the smaller stuff. Daily we take many decisions that change the track of our life and hardly have we noticed them. Every word we utter, our actions, reactions have great impact in our lives. The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is just the former understands importance of paying attention to smaller details and improving day by day.

An ant is a small thing and yet can cause an elephants death, a small matchstick can burn up an entire building and “little errors” can sink a ship that could never sink (The Titanic). If you want to change your image at your workplace, smile a bit more, pay more attention to what your colleagues say, pass around a word of praise, extend a helping hand, listen to others empathetically and watch the change around you.

“Devil is in the Detail” a famous phrase tells us  that something may seem simple, but even the smallest of detail matter and can cause problems if neglected.

An American Author Bruce Barton once said, “Sometimes when I consider what tremendous consequences come from little things, I am tempted to think…there are no little things”


  1. Right to the point Sadhna. Indeed it’s the small things in life that we take for granted, that actually makes a great difference to our lives as a whole. Very well written .

    • thanks dear…updated as suggested 🙂

  2. It was a nice read Sandy ☺

    • thanks dev

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